Project India: Ford Makes The World Better

Ford Motor Company has done something amazing that everyone should be inspired by. Through their Sustainable Urban Mobility Uncompromised Rural Reach (SUMURR) program, they were able to help 1,600 people in the Tamil Nadu region of India. And all it took was one vehicle and a collaboration between them and their partners.

How did they do it?
In the rural areas of India, there are many pregnant women who don’t have access to a viable form of transportation that would allow them to be transported to a medical facility after giving birth. This disconnect with prenatal healthcare has resulted in the deaths of either the mother or the baby in 50% of the pregnancies. After the mother has a baby, nurses from surrounding clinics would have to travel on scooters or bikes over rocky terrain to get to them. From there, they would send data to another facility, but they would have no way of really connecting the patients to that information.

Ford was able to solve that problem by providing health care teams with laptops and cellphones that could connect them with doctors and medical records. They also provided them with a Ford Endeavor so that nurses could effectively reach and transport patients to quality healthcare provisions . This took place over a nine-month pilot program that successfully lead to the births of 42 children in 28 villages. In a place where the infant mortality rate is high and pregnant women are lucky if they receive any form of healthcare, this was certainly a step in the right direction. Now Ford is currently looking for ways they can help other parts of India go further.


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Fame & FORDtune: Celebs Who Choose Ford


We don’t mean to brag or anything (as we proceed to write an entire article about it) but there are a crazy amount of celebrities who love Fords! You may already know that the former late night host Jay Leno has an entire collection of Mustangs, but did you know that other celebrities like Patrick Dempsey and the head of state himself-President Obama-are also Ford owners?? Yeah, we didn’t think so. So without further ado, let’s give it up for our star fans!

Kelly Clarkson
Not only is the three-time Grammy winner a proud owner of the 2007 Mustang GT, she is also the spokesperson for the “Warriors in pink” initiative, an apparel shop started by Ford Motor Company that donates 100% of its net proceeds to breast cancer charities.

President Obama
The commander-in-chief is the proud owner of a 2008 Ford Escape that he purchased right before being sworn into office. He actually took a trip to a Kansas City assembly plant where he thanked the workers who had a hand in making his vehicle. He mentioned that he and Ford have “a little history together” with a car that is still in mint condition.

Patrick Dempsey
Many people know the 49-year old actor as “McDreamy”, an attractive neurosurgeon on the hit medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy”. When he is not busy acting, he can be seen competing in a specialty Mustang FR500C in the Grand-Am Road Racing KONI Series. Off the track, he rides around in his very own 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe.

After dropping his first album, the Detroit-native decided to buy a Ford Mustang Convertible with his first royalty check back in 1999. He added a set of custom wheels and changed the car’s color from red to purple before auctioning it off to a fan in 2003.

Selena Gomez
When other celebs were off purchasing expensive cars with their hard-earned cash, this 22-year old actress/singer stuck with her Ford Escape, one of the best-selling SUVs in America. This reliable vehicle boasts features like a six-speaker sound system and reclining rear seats. No wonder she decided to stay with her Ford!

Jerry Bruckheimer
The producer behind famous films like “Remember the Titans” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, drives a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 when he’s not hanging around a movie set. This car can actually be seen in the movie “Gone in 60 seconds” as “Eleanor”, a modernized version of the 1967 edition.

Conan O’Brien
This 6-foot-4 television host is an avid fan of his 1992 Ford Taurus SHO, which he brought with him all the way to LA when he moved there to host the Tonight Show. As both an entertainer and a funny man, he often features the vehicle in his comical skits. O’Brien also took his interviewer on a ride in the vintage Ford during a 60 Minutes interview.

Jay Leno
Last but not least, we could not wrap up this article without talking about the former late night television host Jay Leno and his very impressive collection of Ford Mustangs, one of which includes a 1965 Shelby GT350 and a 1966 Shelby Cobra. He loves them so much that he got them autographed by the very man who designed them, Carroll Shelby himself! In addition to the Mustangs, Leno is also the owner of the 1966 427 Ford AC Cobra and the 1966 Ford Galaxie 7.

5 Signs You Need an F-150

You’re in denial. Don’t deny it, knowing is half the battle. Lamarque Ford is here to help you come to grips with the fact that you have a problem, and its not just running out of paper towels at a crawfish boil. If you find yourself in the following situations on more than one occasion, the answer is clear: YOU NEED AN F-150.


1. When you try and FAIL to maneuver your truck through a space the size of a shoe box. See 360-Degree Camera w/Split View Display.

2. You call it quits on the project you’re working on as soon as you see the sun start to set because your current pickup truck has the light source of a firefly. See LED Lighting.

3. On the day you’re feeling macho, your decision to shout “YOLO” and gun it on the freeway comes back to haunt you as you fail to slow down near an upcoming curve. See Curve Control.

4. It takes you fifteen minutes to do a simple parallel park since your truck is so high off the ground that you can’t see that tiny hybrid car parked right behind you. See Active Park Assist.

5. When you’re constantly at risk of being slapped with a DUI because law enforcement doesn’t know if you’re drunk or if you just can’t stay in your own lane. See Lane-Keeping System.

Disclaimer: Please drive responsibly.

DRIVING MISS LAZY: How Safe Is Too Safe?



With technological advances in automotive features ranging from progressive to excessive, vehicular transport now seems to have a “snooze & cruise” attitude attached to it.

Automakers pack their cars with more and more semi autonomous safety technology like adaptive cruise control and automatic braking, so driving a car becomes easier and easier. We are, essentially, given less to pay attention to while we’re taught that our cars are watching out for us.

The level of technology we’re seeing is impressive. Adaptive cruise control ensures your car slows with traffic. Lane departure warning technology tells you when you’ve strayed over the line. Some cars will tell you when you’re nodding off, while others will actually stop your car if a pedestrian steps out into traffic. 

These systems, in practice if not by design, allow drivers to pay less attention to the road ahead. The impact on performance and safety depends upon how big a workload drivers have. In stressful situations where drivers are easily overwhelmed, such as stop-and-go traffic or searching for an address in an unfamiliar neighborhood, electronic nannies can be a big help to a driver whose cognitive load is maxed out.

But put that same driver on an arrow-straight road in Kansas in the dead of the night and it could be a problem. The driver isn’t paying attention and may not see trouble coming until it’s too late.


The “MUST” in Mustang: A CONTEST – Lamarque Ford – New Orleans


2015 FC_DRMDRV_KEYS_484x235

Ford Credit Dream Drive Sweepstakes celebrates the new Mustang’s launch and Mustang’s 50th birthday

Two winners, one in Canada and one in the United States, will choose one of six legendary four-day road trips for two using a 2015 Mustang. Winners can customize their travel, worth up to $8,500.

Contest runs through June 8, 2015. No purchase necessary. Rules and entry: (U.S.) or (Canada)

The ultimate road trip behind the wheel of a 2015 Ford Mustang will be a dream come true for two lucky winners and their guests in the Ford Credit Dream Drive Sweepstakes. Winners will choose a route from among six legendary North American roads and then drive it using a 2015 Mustang provided for the trip.

“For anyone who’s ever dreamed of the ultimate road trip in the ultimate ride – the 2015 Ford Mustang – this is a chance to win the trip,” says John Ferguson, Ford Motor Credit Company New Vehicle Launch manager.

One winner in Canada and one in the United States will choose a four-day travel package worth up to $8,500 including use of a 2015 Mustang, round-trip airfare, gas, lodging, spending money and a camera to capture their once-in-a-lifetime memories. Winners can personalize their trips with, for example, a private tour of the south rim of the Grand Canyon, fishing in the Canadian Rockies or golf in the Florida Keys.

Ford Credit Dream Drive Sweepstakes winners will be drawn about a week after the contest closes June 8, 2015. Winners will choose from these legendary routes:

Route 66: Grand Canyon, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada

Going-to-the-Sun Road: Glacier National Park to Flathead, Montana

Pacific Coast Highway: Monterey to Laguna Beach, California

Great River Road: Memphis, Tennessee, to New Orleans, Louisiana

Overseas Highway: Miami to Florida Keys

Trans-Canada Highway: Kelowna, British Columbia, to Calgary, Alberta

No purchase or judged submission is required to enter. Entrants must be 25 or older and have auto insurance and a valid driver’s license. The rules and entry form are on (U.S.) and (Canada).

Loaded with innovative technologies and delivering high levels of performance and style, the 2015 Ford Mustang is the next chapter in the life of one of the world’s most iconic cars. The new Mustang is the first car to offer four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines that each produces at least 300 horsepower. Mustang’s impact goes well beyond the 9 million-plus cars sold; it has made thousands of appearances in film television, music and video games.

Hit The Road, Jack! | Lamarque Ford | New Orleans, LA


road trip


Don’t you just LOVE hearing all about everyone else’s Memorial Day plans?
We have that in common.

There’s nothing more depressing and even stressful than not having plans over a long weekend, especially when everyone else has their act together.

It’s cool, we’ve got the solution. ROAD TRIP.
Pack an ice chest, make a playlist, throw some sunscreen, sandals and a bathing suit in a tote, and GO.
JUST DRIVE (in a Lamarque Ford car or truck…)!

Take an adventure!
Remember those times when you actually HAD a planned destination and as you passed billboards for random roadside attractions, would OOoooOO and AAhhh over how you just wish you had the time to stop? GOOD NEWS, THE TIME IS NOW.

Here’s a list of the types of attractions and oddities to consider checking out on your Expedition (which we are selling, notice how we slipped that in there):

Boat Charters
Casinos (the seedier the better)
Golf Courses
Trails to hike
Lakes and Swimming Holes
Hole-In-The-Wall Restaurants
County Fairs or Amusement Parks
Quaint B&B’s and/or Bates Motel-esque 1-nighters. There’s something thrilling and sickening about braving a night in a sinister dwelling with “that special someone.”




LOOK MA, NO HANDS! | Lamarque Ford | New Orleans, LA

Grip your steering wheel at 10 & 2 and move into the right lane because HANDS-FREE driving is coming in HOT.

Did You Know?:

– Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti offer “lane keeping” features that allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel for periods of time on straight stretches of road.
– This summer, Tesla is promising to equip its Model S sedan to take over highway driving under certain conditions.
– In January, Audi will introduce a vehicle that can pilot itself through traffic jams.
– Next year, Cadillac will offer no-hands highway driving with its “Super Cruise.”

Talk about speedy results! This technology has sped to far ahead in such and short period of time… but meanwhile, Road Rules are still tortoising far behind. IN OTHER WORDS, “Hands Off” in the car may not mean “Hands Off” with the cops.
There are no actual federal or state laws in place specific to this new reality.

Where it is not expressly prohibited, automakers argue that hands-free driving is allowed… and legal experts tend to agree. However, this doesn’t mean drivers can expect smooth sailing. Bryant Walker Smith, a professor of law and engineering at the University of South Carolina, warns, “It’s not just what’s on the books; it’s what’s enforced,” Mr. Smith said. “If a police officer sees you driving down the road with no hands, he could determine that’s reckless and still give you a ticket. Individual officers have a tremendous amount of discretion.”

Currently, Federal laws largely mandate the design of all vehicles to ensure they meet safety standards and that’s about as far as it goes. State laws dictate how the driving is done. That being said, it seems that there’s a bit of a loop hole as it pertains to the driver BEING the car.

The goal is that law and auto makers are able to find a balance where neither safety nor innovation are compromised.

To read more, click here

Hybrid Hype: Over It? – Lamarque Ford – New Orleans, LA


Just a little dealership humor but in all seriousness, the time has come to address the eco-automotive wave sweeping the nation… and the world… or at least, WAS sweeping.
Turns out that as of 2015, hybrid sales are in significant decline. What’s more, people are actually TRADING IN their green wheels FOR SUV’s!
It goes without saying that we love and want to preserve the environment and it’s inhabitants’ health and longevity…. HOWEVER, as a purveyor of fuel-powered vehicles, I’d be lying if I said this didn’t make me smirk a little bit… despite Kelley Blue Book listing the Ford C-Max Hybrid as one of the Top 10 Green Cars of 2014! 

hybrid cars

Read Article Here

The report does point out however that while those who are hip to Hybrid-having are now whistling a different tune and trading “trees for trucks,” (think of going from pan flutes to rock & roll) it might end up hurting their finances in the long run. As we all know, saving the world isn’t exactly cheap – in other words, those cars are pretty pricey and measuring the return on your investment isn’t readily do-able. Factoring that plus the fact that gas is so low right now, drivers are feeling like it’s kind of a no-brainer… but do they really think that gas prices are going to remain this low?

It’s all a big gamble and a major investment either way you look at it: Save The Planet, Drain Your Savings… OR… Count Your Savings, Count The Minutes We Have Left.

In closing, we’d like to remind everyone to be conscious and considerate of the planet and your fellow man.
It’s Earth Day Today… but… ITS TRUCK MONTH EVERY MONTH because we say so!



Lamarque Ford is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in New Orleans, LA. Located in Kenner, LA, Lamarque Ford is committed to providing you the best customer service and vehicle service for the life of your vehicle. Whether you’re on the market to purchase, finance, or service a new or used Ford vehicle, you’ve come to the right place.

DIY : CLEAN Your Dirty Car – Lamarque Ford – New Orleans, LA

Are you constantly on THE GO and no matter how many times you resolve to clean out your car, it never seems to happen? Are you literally going out of your way to keep passengers at bay? Well it’s Spring Time which means “SPRING CLEANING” is the name of the game!

In New Orleans, we have about a 3 week window of “Spring Weather” before it becomes hotter than the fires of hell and damnation. Get out there and enjoy it while accomplishing this fantastic feat. There’s nothing more rewarding than rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business.

With these easy and affordable Do It Yourself hacks, you can detail your car like a professional without paying the high prices that a service would charge.
Give your car the TLC it deserves!!!


car cleaning tips

Clean Your Gross Car!


ronnielog video

Lamarque Ford is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in New Orleans, LA. Located in Kenner, LA, Lamarque Ford is committed to providing you the best customer service and vehicle service for the life of your vehicle. Whether you’re on the market to purchase, finance, or service a new or used Ford vehicle, you’ve come to the right place.