70’s Vans

Towards the end of the 1960s a free­wheelin and youthful culture brought vans to national prominence, mostly due to their ability to haul large groups on a “wherever the wind may take you” journey across the USA. The love of vans carried on well through the 70s as they became customized parties on wheels. Incorporated into this was all of the wonderful tackiness of 70s style. Shag carpet, purple polyester, panel murals, and bubble windows were regular fixtures in the scene.

Sadly, or not… depending on your personal opinion, the culture of “rolling heavy” faded away as the 70s oil crisis took its toll, the concept of the minivan gained popularity, and the general consensus about the movement swung from “chic” to “kinda creepy.” So let’s take a nostalgic, or nauseating… depending on your personal opinion, look back at some of those groovy machines.


Just Truckin Around


Is your ride a coupe or sedan? Is your view constantly obstructed by a truck, making traffic the most oppressive nightmare of all time?
Well like the bumper sticker says, “If You Can’t Beat Um, JOIN UM.”
Not only are trucks the perfect weapon against the pothole tyranny that has befallen the New-Metro area, driving a truck is like the South’s secret handshake. It’s like, “Who’s this joker? Wait is that an F-150? I thought that was you, how’ve you been brother?!”

Not convinced?
Well perhaps try these scenarios on for size, after which we DEFY YOU to not jump into your lame 4-door and fly to Lamarque Ford for a Truck-grade.
(See what we did there? It’s like upgrade, but with “Truck.” This is both a dealership and a comedy club.)

These are luxury vehicles plus your list of assets now includes “built-in pool.” Your stock just went up.

Because self respect. Get off the ground.


“Let’s go Tramping,” is suddenly a great idea.
#TrampStamp #RonnieLamarqueBumperSticker
SIDE NOTE: Business in the Front, Party in the Back is exactly right.

When ya gotta GO on the go. Porta-Potties just got extra portable.
Here in New Orleans its more like Parade-a-Potty.


Always travel with a back-up plan.
This is America and we have options.
Also, hella HORSE POWER.


We call that the “pickup” feature. You’re Welcome.


Mustang Modifications

Once you’ve purchased your first Ford Mustang, you realize immediately that you have

collected a piece of American Musclecar history. What you may not be fully aware of, however,

is a rich tradition of taking your “muscle” up to the next level through one of the great

conversions and modification packages available. Here’s a little insight into some of the great

partners that do this work.



Carroll Shelby began his career exactly where you might expect it, on the racetrack. From there,

he began his lifelong love of souped­up cars, and developing his own much­loved Shelby Cobra

which he licensed from the British AC Motorcars. He then brought his high­performance talents

to Ford with the very first Mustang in 1965 and has been a part of our family ever since. Shelby

consistently provides some of the fastest, sexiest, and most­powerful Mustangs on the market.



Much like Carroll Shelby, Steve Saleen began started his career on the racetrack. From there

he began Saleen Autosports in 1983. In 1985 he created the very first Saleen Mustang with a

supercharged engine and gained much notoriety by using said Mustang to win the incredibly

challenging 24 Hours of Moport race. This notoriety propelled him and Saleen Autosports into

an dynasty of amazing and coveted Mustangs that still dominate the roadways to this day.


Which to Choose?

There are many reasons to pick one style over the other. The debate rages on Mustang forums

across the Internet as to the superiority of one over the other. Our advice: get in one, go for a

spin, and see how if feels for YOU!

CAR WARS: The Internet Strikes Back

The future is here!! Well… almost. The race is on to develop the first commercially-available autonomous car. Cruise control? More like LOSE CONTROL!
Who, you might ask, is in the race to launch this person-free driving machine? Ford? Chrysler? GM? Surprisingly, NONE of the the “Big Three” manufacturers have decided to join the competition, and have decided to leave this new technology to Silicon Valley. As of now, Google and Apple are leading the charge to take the wheel away from us all.
REVENGE OF THE COMPUTER NERDS has descended upon the Auto Universe, taking the designs, functionality and features to another dimension.

Supposing ALL of Silicon Valley get’s in the race, how would their respective cars perform?

-A car that, much like Google Chrome, crashes immediately upon starting up.
-They call it “Google Plus Car,” which everyone uses it for a week and then immediately go back to driving their Ford.
-It keeps mistakenly driving you to strip clubs and adult novelty stores.

-You don’t have to steer the car, but you have to “like” and “share” everything that it does in order to keep it going.
-Every time you get in, one of your annoying relatives is already in your back seat and wants to show you some dumb meme that you already hated a month ago.
-Every time you pass another car it asks you, “do you recognize this person?”

-Get’s you there in 140 seconds, while the facebook car takes a month to get to the same point.
-If you ever state an opinion while driving it, every other car on the road immediately tries to run you over and kill you.

-It takes 30 minutes to start up if you didn’t clean its Windows after it’s last drive.
-Pulls over to the side of the road every 5 minutes until you update your Anti-Virus software



-Cost twice as much as the Microsoft car and only hipsters and college kids want to drive it.
-Drives great for a while, then freezes, starts to spin, and dies.


-Keeps veering off the road to either the left or the right.
-Pretty sure all of the places that it’s going to take you to don’t look anything like their pictures.


-Car only comes in “Valencia,” “X Pro II,” “Mayfair” and “Lo-Fi.”
-Only aspiring models, compulsive over-eaters (food pornography is an addiction) and anyone who has ever walked around outside, are the only people who get financing. The more unemployed, the better.

-Trying to buy the car, but instead you just wire some money to a Nigerian prince.

-Just a car full of teenagers that don’t know what they are doing.


Ford Rangers “Now Playing” in Nigeria

Ford Motor Company has just made known to the public their plans to release the Ford Ranger to Nigerian markets. Outside of South Africa, It is actually the first country to produce Ford vehicles on the continent  The assembly plant in Ikeja, Nigeria is set to create 180 new jobs, while also having the ability to produce 5,000 units a year.


As many may recall, the Ford Ranger used to sell in the United States but is now being sold in foreign countries that don’t have access to the Ranger or similar vehicles like the Ford F-150.  Even though the assembly plant for the Ranger pick-up is stationed in Nigeria, the production team stationed there has been churning out vehicles for over 130 markets in Europe, the Middle East and other parts of Africa. That kind of productivity is really benefiting Africa’s livelihood, as Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa. The plant’s efficiency can be seen in the fact that the Ranger was the best-selling vehicle in South Africa for the first half of the year.


“Today’s announcement will allow us to better serve our customers both from a retail point of view, and in terms of vehicle and parts availability,” said Jeff Nemeth, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company of Sub-Saharan Africa region. “We are committed to supporting Nigeria’s developing automotive industry and economy. “

Famously Filmed Fords

Diamonds Are Forever

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1
Diamonds Are Forever, a James Bond classic featuring Sean Connery, features a red 1971 Ford Mustang. Although the film is riddled with continuity and production errors, a widely praised scene involved a car chase, when Bond’s Mustang briefly balanced on two wheels.

Jurassic Park

Ford Explorer
In the original Jurassic Park film in 1993, this Ford Explorer was primarily used to guide tourists through the dinosaur exhibits. It was portrayed as a nifty vehicle, having its own drink tap for the visitors and a self-navigation system.

Thelma and Louise

1966 Ford Thunderbird
Back in the days when Brad Pitt was merely a supporting cast member, this critically acclaimed crime drama film features main characters Thelma and Louise crusing in a 1966 Ford Thunderbird. Whether it was quietly driving to a fishing trip or fleeing from the authorities, the convertible did it all for the movie.

The California Kid

1934 Ford Coupe
Martin Sheen spent one of his earliest roles playing a character with a constant need for speed. This customized Ford Coupe helped him do just that, and may’ve actually outstaged Sheen for the more important part of the movie.

Mad Max

1973 Ford XB Falcon
If you want to avenge the deaths of a fellow rookie officer and your family, you’ll need something fast. In Mad Max, Max does just that. The powerful automobile with a V8 engine and what would be the fastest car on the road was a 1973 Ford XB Falcon, in which the addendiges such as the Concorde and the supercharger, were only for show and did not actually work.


1968 Ford Mustang GT 390
In a movie that defined Steve McQueen’s public image as a fearless stuntman, Bullit featured what many movie critics considered one of the most excited car chase scenes of all time, which lasted for nearly eleven minutes and peaked at 110 miles per hour. In fact, McQueen not only considered becoming a professional racecar driver, but also took part in a series of Ford Mustang commercials.

Scooby Doo

1963 Ford Econoline
Of course, the world famous Mystery Machine had to be incorporated into the Scooby Doo movie. Because the film is based off a cartoon, it took a little brainstorming to determine what van would be a good fit for the needs of the production and the visual symmetry with the animation, which ended up being the 1963 Ford Econoline.

Dumb and Dumber

1981 Econoline
Being a dog groomer may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but it doesn’t mean you can’t roll up in style. The goofy, costumed van driven by co-main character Harry is a Ford 1981 Econoline.

Fords of the Millennials

1) Ford allows for customization—Generation Y is one that values uniqueness, which shows on how many in that age group carry themselves. Whether its different hairstyles and colors, to tattoos, to exotic wardrobes, we’re seeing a rise of a generation that likes to stand out. Ford allows you to customize your car to your liking, including paint designs and different cosmetic parts.

2) More social media interaction—four different Facebook pages (“Ford Motor Company”, “Ford Mustang”, “Ford Performance”, and “Ford Trucks”) have over 1 million followers. Its Twitter account has nearly one million followers by itself. Each of these pages are loaded with videos and pictures, nearly all of which are received by 2,000+ ‘likes’ and often with 150+ ‘shares’ and nearly 200 comments. There is also a lot to be said about the actual content, as many of the photos and videos incorporate young people driving and interacting with the cars, therefore selling less of a product and more of an experience, which is exactly what studies conclude that millennials prefer.

3) Country music—country music has become the fastest rising genre among millennials when it comes to popularity. Taylor Swift, who’s only 25 years old, is the most popular artist. Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton have also made huge strides in both music sales and selling-out shows all over the Northeast. Country music and Ford have a historic relationship, and the songs that glorify highway rides and pickup trucks have trickled down to and resonated with the younger crowd.

4) Pricing—studies show that owning a car is more important to millennials than owning a house. Therefore, the fact that Ford has such affordable prices resonates with Generation Y. You can own a Ford Fiesta for only $14,090. All of its cars’ starting prices are below $25,000. Most SUVs are below $30,000, and Ford’s famous trucks go for an average $28,000. These reasonable prices, compounded with its renowned quality, are what millennials are looking for.