Which New Orleans Saint Is Your Ford?


Fiesta Mark Ingram-Running Back

The Ford Fiesta often feels bigger than it actually is when you’re inside of it, and the

upscale interior makes you feel like you bought a luxury car at a steal price. Once

former Heisman-winner Mark Ingram found his groove with the Saints, he became a

force despite his relatively short 5”10 stature.



Focus Marques Colston- Wide Receiver

The Ford Focus has been around for a while. While it’s not the quickest make there

is, it’s well respected and one of the more utilized cars by Ford owners. It’s a

“sleeper” car, known less for its flashiness and more for its reliability, which

captures veteran wide receiver Marques Colston in a nutshell. It’s also known for

being a “quiet ride”, a good fit for a player nicknamed the “quiet storm”.



Fusion Jairus Byrd- Safety

By no means is longtime make the Ford Fusion one of the bigger cars out there, but

it’s continually praised for its maneuverability and precision. It can also be quite

eye-catching (when it’s not injured).



Mustang Brandin Cooks- Wide Receiver

This all-American classic is known for its flashiness and acceleration. It’s used by

multiple racecar drivers in speed-racing and drag-racing. Cooks can outrun anyone

in the league and does so every game, as he quickly became the Who Dat Nation’s

top wide receiver in only his 2nd year.


super duty

Super Duty Zach Strief- Offensive Tackle

This may be amongst the easiest comparisons to make. The Super Duty

pickup is a large and durable presence that commands respect

wherever it goes, which is precisely what offensive line captain Zach

Strief brings on and off the field.

Ford Gains Ground In Europe

Auto sales are making a comeback in Europe. This past August, the industry

reported sales growth at 10.9% relative to past monthly numbers, and 8.9% growth

since the beginning of the year.

Even with the auto industy’s market size expanding, Ford’s bringing in the biggest

piece of that pie.

As demand in Europe increases for larger and commercial vehicles, Ford is cashing

in, and actively taking market share. Ford has gained an additional 2.3% share of

commercial vehicles in August (to 14.3%) and an additional 1.7% share of

commercial vehicles to date (to 12.5%). Ford has outperformed the auto industry in

terms of its own sales growth as well, as the company experienced 11.7% relative

growth in the month of August and 10% this year thus far.

Ford is now the second most popular car brand in Europe behind Volkswagen.

Ford Verve concept (European 3-Door) (2007). (08/24/07)

Ford Verve concept (European 3-Door) (2007). (08/24/07)


MOST ORDINARY MAN: Messing With History

Lamarque Ford proudly presents,


The Most Ordinary Man in NOLA sets the record straight. This is what they left out of textbooks. These are the facts. Napoleon Bonaparte’s credit was a joke and Ronnie Lamarque is the whole reason the Louisiana purchase happened… with 0% APR, no less! Enjoy! #MostOrdinaryMan

70’s Vans

Towards the end of the 1960s a free­wheelin and youthful culture brought vans to national prominence, mostly due to their ability to haul large groups on a “wherever the wind may take you” journey across the USA. The love of vans carried on well through the 70s as they became customized parties on wheels. Incorporated into this was all of the wonderful tackiness of 70s style. Shag carpet, purple polyester, panel murals, and bubble windows were regular fixtures in the scene.

Sadly, or not… depending on your personal opinion, the culture of “rolling heavy” faded away as the 70s oil crisis took its toll, the concept of the minivan gained popularity, and the general consensus about the movement swung from “chic” to “kinda creepy.” So let’s take a nostalgic, or nauseating… depending on your personal opinion, look back at some of those groovy machines.


Just Truckin Around


Is your ride a coupe or sedan? Is your view constantly obstructed by a truck, making traffic the most oppressive nightmare of all time?
Well like the bumper sticker says, “If You Can’t Beat Um, JOIN UM.”
Not only are trucks the perfect weapon against the pothole tyranny that has befallen the New-Metro area, driving a truck is like the South’s secret handshake. It’s like, “Who’s this joker? Wait is that an F-150? I thought that was you, how’ve you been brother?!”

Not convinced?
Well perhaps try these scenarios on for size, after which we DEFY YOU to not jump into your lame 4-door and fly to Lamarque Ford for a Truck-grade.
(See what we did there? It’s like upgrade, but with “Truck.” This is both a dealership and a comedy club.)

These are luxury vehicles plus your list of assets now includes “built-in pool.” Your stock just went up.

Because self respect. Get off the ground.


“Let’s go Tramping,” is suddenly a great idea.
#TrampStamp #RonnieLamarqueBumperSticker
SIDE NOTE: Business in the Front, Party in the Back is exactly right.

When ya gotta GO on the go. Porta-Potties just got extra portable.
Here in New Orleans its more like Parade-a-Potty.


Always travel with a back-up plan.
This is America and we have options.
Also, hella HORSE POWER.


We call that the “pickup” feature. You’re Welcome.